Interested in collaborating?  Have questions?  Want to schedule a site visit?


Use our directory of participating schools to reach a contact person.


Click here for participating elementary and K8 schools


Click here for participating middle and high schools.


MLN participating schools:

  • Are located in Wisconsin
  • Have at least one multiage (not just multi-grade) classroom
  • Engage in constructivist practices
  • Are willing to share knowledge, host site visits, and answer questions about multiage learning


If your school fits these criteria and you would like to be listed as a participating school, please submit this form:


School Name

School Address, City, Zip

Contact Person*

Contact Person's Email

Contact Person's Phone Number

Grades Levels at School (i.e: K5, 6-8)

Grades Taught at Multiage (i.e: 1/2/3, 6/7)

School Website

*The Contact Person should be someone prepared to answer calls about multiage learning, site visits, etc. at your school.

NEW CONTENT! Multiage eLearning Course

Click here: The Woodlands Way

Password: multiage

Modules include:
  • Differentiation
  • Discovery-based Learning
  • Time for Living (character education)
  • NEW! Curriculum Development: Beyond Textbooks
  • NEW! Elements of Success
  • NEW! Strong and Sustainable School Community

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