About Us


The Multiage Learning Network (MLN) is a place for educators to learn and connect.


We are a voluntary association of schools in Wisconsin that have one or more multiage classrooms.  Wisconsin charter schools created and lead the MLN.

What does Multiage mean?

Multiage means that students who would typically be separated by grade level are learning together as one class.


A multiage classroom is not the same as a multi-grade classroom where students are still taught as separate grade levels even though they are in the same room.  Multiage classrooms use flexible grouping and differentiate instruction according to each child’s needs without distinguishing students by grade level.


Students and parents are encouraged to explore the site to learn more about multiage learning and its benefits.


Wisconsin schools in the MLN will provide professional development and create collaborative relationships with each other to advance best practices in constructivist multiage learning.


The MLN will provide opportunities to develop collaborative relationships and share best practices through a variety of modalities and strategies:

  • Participating schools will contact each other to ask questions and to schedule site visits in order to directly observe best practices and learn new ways to support student achievement.
  • A series of videos will help educators learn about various facets of multiage learning.
  • Videoconference seminars will allow educators to connect without the expense and time of travel, providing more frequent opportunities for teaching, learning and sharing.
  • The MLN calendar will promote events of interest to schools engaged in multiage learning.


The start-up of MLN was supported by Charter School Dissemination grant funds from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction



NEW CONTENT! Multiage eLearning Course

Click here: The Woodlands Way

Password: multiage

Modules include:
  • Differentiation
  • Discovery-based Learning
  • Time for Living (character education)
  • NEW! Curriculum Development: Beyond Textbooks
  • NEW! Elements of Success
  • NEW! Strong and Sustainable School Community

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